The goal is very simple: EPIC's unique approach is to maximize the profits of its artists, celebrities and corporate brands by running a licensing, marketing and distribution program of cohesion.

All of this is carried out through in-depth knowledge of artists and the world market while tapping into the power and reach of social media.


Sharper Image

What do imagination, creativity, innovation, passion, quality and excitement have in common? They are essential components of the world's most valued consumer products. The Sharper Image® has built its reputation on this realization, offering its customers only the best products that meet this unique set of standards.



Maui and Sons, Inc. is an American surf and skateboard apparel company which specializes in surfwear and skater clothing products. It is based in the Hawaiian island of Maui.
The clothing, equipment and others products are designed for snowboarders, skateboarders and surfers.


Ted Lapidus

Since 1951, Ted Lapidus has dressed personalities like Brigitte Bardot, John Lennon and The Beatles. The Brand is defined as stylish and urban but always looking for an innovative look. Its conservative tendency implies a very large market segment. Ted Lapidus is a fashion collection, which is defined as a mixture of perfect cut and a touch of extravagance.



Royal Swiss is a lifestyle brand that evokes prestige and an excellent balance between design and technology.

The misión of the Brand is to create and commercialize worldwide quality, practical, and functional items at discounted prices.

With high quality requirements in terms of functionality and design, Royal Swiss strives to maintain its leadership in the global market.

The range of products goes from household items, to clothing ,technology, accessories and more.


Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy is a lifestyle brand associated with the typical Swiss values such as creativity, reliability, functionality and quality.

The brand philosophy is to create, through the most advanced design trends ans values, products for every occasion and that will last a lifetime.

We invite you to discover the world of Swiss Navy.



Gloria Vanderbilt is a writer, artist, actress and businesswoman known for her fashion design. She became an iconic fashion figure in the world.

Gloria Vanderbilt is a clothing brand from New York, well known in the 60s and famous for designing the first fashion denim collection.



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